Land Development
Developing More Residential Lots

Each J.T. Smith project benefits from the vast experiences of developing hundreds of new home communities and thousands of residential lots over a 30-year track record in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Development Process

When you partner with or invest with J.T. Smith Companies, you can rest assured that you’re teaming up with an experienced group of disciplined professionals dedicated to developing the right projects and meeting the financial requirements of all involved. Our goal is to deliver projects on time, on budget, and with the highest building standards.

Feasibility & Planning

We start each development project by analyzing the best possible land use, not only for our profits but also for the surrounding community and the end user. Our experience developing many projects throughout the region allows us to have a 30,000-foot view of each new project and its aftermath. We’re willing to do the work to ensure that what we’re building looks and functions well with the surrounding area.

Entitlements & Zoning

We work directly with local counties and cities to procure the necessary approvals before we break ground on a project. We will even secure changes in zoning if the project proposed doesn’t fit right in the area. Our goal is always to meet financial requirements while also building the right project.

Horizontal Construction

After approvals are in place, we go to work to grade the site, install utilities and storm water retention, and install street and sidewalks.  Our process doesn’t just include the work of developing the land—we also coordinate offsite improvements for the surrounding community, such as sidewalks or new roads, in order to make our projects work even better for the end users.


Finally, after all work is complete and approved, we record our project with the county and it becomes official public record.  This is the final step where new addresses are assigned and the project is turned over to our vertical construction team.


Even after all the legal documentation is completed, we still work to make sure our project functions well for the community by setting up all necessary maintenance for the land and structure. This includes, but is not limited to, coordinating services for landscape, homeowners associations, and the maintenance of common areas.

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